Host an Exchange Student

We invite you to share your life to change another by hosting a

Greenheart exchange student!
• Make the lifelong dream of an international high school student come true.
• Enrich the lives of your family and those in your community.

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If you cannot host yourself refer another family and win $100 Visa Gift Card

Contact me if interested
Nevzat Adil
Local Coordinator Center for Cultural Interchange CCI Greenheart
Phone: 512-502-4403
E-mail: [email protected]

Host a Foreign Exchange Student

The Greenheart of Cultural Exchange

Since 1985, CCI Greenheart (formerly known as Center for Cultural Interchange) has offered cultural exchange programs in the U.S. that connect Americans with international students.
As the leading nonprofit cultural exchange sponsor that blends service learning and volunteerism into all of our programs, we are effectively creating a community of compassionate and conscious global citizens. Learn more about our organization.
Host an Exchange Student

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